Friday, 10 June 2011

How to make a One Minute Manifesto

Welcome to One Minute Manifesto: 60 seconds to mean what you say.

This is an invitation to everyone to stand up and say something.

You have one minute to share your manifesto, your thoughts, feelings, demands for our future.

A pop-up art project, all you need are words and a stopwatch.

  • The 60 second slots for ‘One Minute Manifesto’ will run throughout Saturday 18th and can be organised at a time to suit you (recommended during break out sessions/lunch)
  • You are asked to bring with you your own personal manifesto (some people choose to write it in advance, some make it up on the spot).
  • You’ll be supported by an artist (Elsie) who will stand with you, and listen.

  • Text/call/email in advance OR on the day
  • We will find a spot on which you’d like to stand, Elsie will time the 60 seconds
  • You can choose to share your manifesto as a ‘one2one’ where only the artist will listen. Or you can share your manifesto in a public space, to a group/passers by. It will be a supportive environment
  • If you can’t be at the event, but would like to participate, you can email your manifesto and have someone read it for you (a DIY version is also available)
  • The manifesto's are not recorded in anyway

  • You only have 60 seconds. No finishing ‘cos you’ve started.
  • Be bold. This is an exercise in standing up and simply saying what you really think (for many of us - that is a huge thing to do).
  • Be creative. You may want bring something written down - its up to you. Some people bring creative writing, some read lists or share a quote that means something to them.
  • If you really don't want to stand up yourself, but you would like your words said out loud - we can arrange for someone to read on your behalf.

  • Don’t be scared! A wise soul said about this project ‘if you feel nervous about the prospect of doing it – that means you probably should do it!’ and 'its just about being the best you can be in that particular 60 seconds'
  • Please note it doesn’t have to be perfect – far from it.
  • Go for it. This project came about because of a growing sense that people are increasingly made to feel unable to participate in political debate – because of their ‘in-expert’ness. Because of the false notion that politics (and political expression) is about perfect expression, that previous qualifications are necessary, slick presentation a must; some sort of kingdom for the confident. That’s a lie. Political expression is not perfect. It oughtn’t be. Politics is messy and perplexing and here and now. It is on the streets and in your school. Don’t wait. We are ‘it’. Have a little confidence and add your voice to the growing call for change.

  • When booking, don’t forget to include a contact telephone number which which we can reach you on the day.

Twitter? Look out for #1MiniFesto

For more info about how this copyleft project started (AHM artists), please see blog post below. For examples of other people’s manifestos – see: